Guided and directly mentored

ALL Romana’s Pilates instructor trainers are handpicked, guided and directly mentored by Level I Instructors’ Romana Kryzanowska, Sari Mejia Santo, Juanita Lopez and Cynthia Lochard. Such individuals were selected to participate solely on Romana, Sari or Juanita’s long-term observations of their experience, dedication and prowess as Romana’s Pilates instructors. These efforts were undertaken in order to offer you the highest quality instructor training programme in the industry and to prepare you for a lifetime of teaching Pilates. Romana’s Pilates instructor trainers will teach you much more than just the mat; every student must successfully pass performance assessments that cover all the key pieces of Pilates equipment!

Key people

key people romana

Romana Kryzanowska

Long ago Romana made a commitment to Joe and Clara Pilates to continue their life’s work and Romana continued to deliver on that promise by travelling the world and teaching the next generation of instructors. Here at the studio we only teach the true authentic method as taught and approved by Romana. Romana visited Pilates Unlimited in Auckland during 2003. This was a wonderful experience for the studio. Romana passed away at age 90 in 2013.

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key people sari

Sari  Mejia  Santos

Level 1 Master Teacher Trainer and Romana’s daughter also had the opportunity to train directly with Joseph and Clara Pilates and taught at Romana’s side for over 30 years.

Juanita Lopez

Juanita is a Level 1 Master Teacher based in Chicago. Juanita did all of her training with Romana and is a wealth of knowledge. Like Cynthia Lochard, Juanita also travels around to many studios, primarily in America, teaching Seminars & CPE’s.  She also is a key presenter at the International Conferences.


Cynthia Lochard

Level I Master Teacher Trainer based in Australia. Cynthia started Pilates in 1979 as a client working with Romana while she was a young dancer with the New York City Ballet. In 1998 she opened the Pilates Method Studio and Training Centre in Sydney. Cynthia visits New Zealand regularly and Pilates Unlimited instructors visit the Sydney studio for continuing education and seminars.

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Cecilia Ibarrola

Cecilia is a former principal dancer of Ballet Philippines and was introduced to Pilates by foreign guest artists that came to perform with the company. Noticing how these dancers maintained their bodies while in the height of their careers, she set her mind on studying the Method.
In the summer of 1995, Cecilia was sent by Ballet Philippines to New York to study the Pilates Method. During this six-month stay she completed her apprenticeship under the close guidance of Romana to became the Philippines’ first certified Pilates instructor. Since then she has attended CPE seminars and conferences annually. She has the highest respect for the system as developed by Joseph Pilates and she is honoured to be part of the preservation of the practice, imparting her knowledge of the system and the body to better help her clients.
Cecilia is a Level 2 Master Teacher Trainer, she owns and runs her studio, Integrated Body Arts, with her husband, Jinn P. lbarrola, also a former principal dancer of Ballet Philippines, as co-owner and company manager.

Daria Pace

Grand-daughter of Romana & Level 2 Instructor Trainer. Daria has spent her life working alongside her mother Sari &  her Grandmother. In recent times Daria has travelled with Romana around the world.Today Daria is the Principal Officer of Romana’s Pilates based in Florida.


Carole Fraser

Director of Pilates Unlimited and Certified Romana’s Pilates Level III Teacher Trainer.
I was trained by Master Teachers Romana Kryzanowska and Cynthia Lochard. I then spent six weeks in the United States and completed my Authentic Pilates Certification under Romana at the Seattle Training Centre. I travel to continuing education seminars and annual conventions to ensure the best instruction is taught at Pilates Unlimited. In 2008 Romana’s Pilates USA recognised the standard of teaching and gave the approvals for Pilates Unlimited to train apprentices in New Zealand.

Elisabeth Kumar

Lizzie came to Pilates Unlimited in 2008 after teaching Stott Pilates for four years. When she discovered authentic Romana’s Pilates she became passionate about the original work and undertook the Romana’s Pilates certification in 2009. She continues to learn from international teachers at conferences and symposiums worldwide, as well as the many great teachers who visit us in Auckland. Lizzie was recognised for her training abilities by Romana’s Pilates International in 2015 and is a Teacher Trainer working closely with the apprentices at the studio. Lizzie also teaches workshops to clients and instructors—she is great at sharing her Romana’s Pilates knowledge and is highly respected in the Pilates world.

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